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Body Tempering Education is a team of 3 Physical Therapists working with Donnie Thompson and Body Tempering.LLC to instruct all technique related courses associated with Body Tempering.

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Welcome to Body Tempering Education's online seminars. We have 3 current offerings. Scroll down to read course descriptions and pre-requisites.

Welcome to the home of Body Tempering Education. There are 3 main course offerings below (scroll down). They are as follows:

Introduction to Body Tempering (BT101) -

This course is designed to introduce you to the devices, how they are used, basic safety and most importantly how to roll yourself out safely & effectively for every region. This course is ideal for those who train or exercise & want to loosen up or improve their recovery between training sessions.

BT 101 is a pre-requisite for Body Tempering Certification Level 1 (BT-CL1). However, if you purchase BT-CL1, you will be given an FREE access code to this course.

Online Body Tempering Certification (BT-CL1) -
This course covers all the material we cover at our in-person seminars about how to roll out every muscle group on someone else. This course includes a more thorough screening, workspace set up, advanced techniques not covered in 101, and takes a geographical approach to the body showing how to roll out each muscle in multiple positions.

There is a testing procedure at the end of the course that will require video submission of various tempering techniques. This will require a client to roll out, a regular body tempering tool, and a target tempering tool. BT 101 is a pre-req but will be provided free upon enrollment.

Body Tempering Certification Level 2 - (BT-CL2)-

This course builds on BT-CL1 to help you create a more professional outfit as a Body Tempering Certified individual. This will include baseline testing to measure outcomes, how to use this in marketing material, over 40 target tempering spots in prone, supine, sidelying, an interactive map allowing one to click on a spot and an individual video will pop up showing how to target temper that spot as well as follow up exercises. This course also includes a basic template for how to organize a session (dynamic vs static and when). Purchase of this course allows lifetime access to the interactive target tempering body map. A manual for this course is provided for free as a downloadable .pdf file.

BT-CL1 is a pre-requisite for the Level 2 course.